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"Cobra Kai" Star Jesse Kove Chats New Lifetime Christmas Movie "The Holiday Proposal Plan"

Hi! Thank you for taking the time to answer some questions for HAZZE MEDIA!

Jesse, how did you approach preparing for your role as Kip in "The Holiday Proposal Plan"? Were there any specific aspects of the character that you found particularly interesting or challenging?


Kip’s character had a little bit of an edge to him and a little more sarcasm than you would see in a typical holiday movie. That was really fun to play with and it also helped in the arch of his character.


How would you describe the on-screen chemistry between Sonny and Kip in "The Holiday Proposal Plan," and what was your collaborative process like in bringing authenticity and depth to their dynamic on screen with Tatyana Ali?


The on-screen chemistry was always there. Tatyana was so fun to work with. We both did a lot of rehearsal on our one time and found a lot of comedy between the two characters. And I think we both enjoyed that very much. It wasn’t what we had anticipated when we first got the parts.


Can you tell us anything about the movie and the development that your character undergoes through the film?


I like that Kip’s character had to do a lot of self-reflection and move past his own ideals for the greater good of his own selflessness and for love.


Did any of your personal holiday film favorites influence your approach to "The

Holiday Proposal Plan"?


I always love holiday movies. I particularly love the movie “The Holiday.” I guess I kind of modeled my character after Jude Law in that movie.


What drew you to "The Holiday Proposal Plan,” and how was the experience of

filming a Christmas movie, especially one set in a snowy chalet? Were there any memorable moments behind the scenes?


I love working with Jake Helgren. This is my third film with him. Anytime he calls, I’m there. This movie was great because we actually filmed it in the snow in Big Bear. And I think that’s so. It’s much more fun than having to create fake snow or a fake environment versus actually living in it. We had a lot of fun memories in dealing with the challenges of making a movie with real snow and cold temperatures. It was a blast.


Let’s touch on “Cobra Kai” for a little bit. Joining the Karate Kid universe must have been exciting, especially given the show's popularity and legacy. Can you share your initial reactions and feelings when you found out you'd be a part of the series?


I was so honored and excited. I felt like I had joined the Marvel cinematic universe. And to be part of that legacy is truly a wonderful thing.


Given that your character bullied a young version of your father's iconic character, how was it working with the legacy characters of “The Karate Kid”? Were there any challenges or unique moments you'd like to highlight?


The entire experience was very special. Having known the legacy characters in real life made it nothing short of magical to jump into that cinematic universe with them. And having the support of those characters in real life meant a lot to me, both on and off the set.


You also have two pilots in the works as well. Could you give us a glimpse into these projects? What themes or genres are they involved in if you’re able to talk about it?


One of them is called “Forsaken Mercenary, “which is based off the hit book series. That’s a futuristic science fiction action series. And the other is called “Call Sign Z,” which is a post-apocalyptic, supernatural action drama created by Ken Barefield, who is the stunt coordinator and second unit director of “Cobra Kai.”


Speaking of new projects, you’re also currently working on a comic book series

correct? Can you share some details about the concept, characters, or themes of the series, and what inspired you to venture into the world of comic books?


My father and I co-created the comic book “Prodigal Son” with Thunder Comics and we are currently turning it into a series. It’s a Western drama.


Lastly, what do you hope audiences take away from "The Holiday Proposal Plan?" Is there anything else you'd like to add about your upcoming projects?


I’d love to have audiences be left with the feeling of joy and that love conquers all. In terms of additional project, I just finished a western called “A Gunfighter’s Deal” and I’m very excited for people to see it.


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