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Hailey Haus: New Single "Flavor of the Month," Being Multidimensional, & Inspirations

Interview by: Ezzah Rafique | Photos by: Hunter Lyon

1. Thanks for doing this with us. Let’s start a bit on the basic side: introduce yourself! Who are you and what do you do?

Thank you for having me, I'm honored! Hello, my name is Hailey Haus. I am a Pop artist, songwriter, and producer based in Dallas, Texas but from Oakland, California! I can describe my music as a melting pot of inspirations as well as a world of unique concepts and storytelling. 2. Congrats on the release of "Flavor of the Month"! What is the backstory to the song?

I think this song has a meaning that tends to surprise people. At one point in my life I was getting to know multiple guys in the span of a year. In my case, I was just searching for that one guy who I would give my heart to and would be the perfect match. This one girl who I consider being an outsider formed the opinion that I had a “Flavor of The Month.” She went around telling people that about me, without considering that my intention was never to lead anyone on, but that I was just trying to find my husband. I remembered that she said this about me after years had passed and thought it would be the funniest song title! Later I wrote this song over Zoom with Natania Lalwani and Miranda Glory. We formed the concept into each month of the year being a theoretical guy. For me this is a song about taking the power back and also a reminder that sometimes it takes putting yourself out there and meeting different people in order to find the right one. You don’t have to settle – eventually you will find that special guy who checks off the most important boxes. 3. For "Flavor of the Month," what was the process like for you when it came to writing and creating the song?

It was one of the easiest and most fun writing sessions ever! We wrote the song in about 10 minutes, there was just this “meant to be” feeling about it. I feel as if it’s one of those concepts that should have been written before, but somehow we caught it before anyone else. That makes it feel even more special. We did try to rewrite the chorus later on just to see if we could beat it but we ended up reverting back to the original, sometimes you can never beat the special magic from the first session.

5. You've worked with a lot of talented people, Gregg Wattenberg being one of them. Who are some artists, dead or alive, that inspire you? Or someone you dream to work with?

Katy Perry has been a huge inspiration to me since I was a kid, I remember the first moment I ever saw her on tv and was so intrigued by her colorful hair and fashion sense. I just love her creativity and how she is unapologetically herself. I am always drawn to artists who create an immersive experience for their fans – that is something that I plan on doing.

6. How would you describe your music to someone who is listening to it for the first time or has never heard it before?

I would say that my music is multidimensional. I got a little something for everyone. I have some bubblegum pop, rock, funk, hip-hop, jazz, intimate ballads, cinematic/theater… I love to lead with whatever is inspiring me, but the glue that keeps it cohesive is this “pop” umbrella. I think if you are a Disney lover, a pop music lover, one love the contrast of beautiful yet haunting things, then you will be a fan of my music.

7. Aside from music, what hobbies or interests do you have that keep your free time occupied?

I grew up with my grandma, mom, and aunts being cosmetologists, so I also adopted a love for it! More specifically I love all things makeup! I love doing full glam looks and I’m not afraid of color. It’s definitely a passion I have on the side – I think if I didn’t do music I would have been a MUA / YouTube beauty guru!

8. Going back to music, you're very talented with writing your lyrics. What does your creative process look like?

Everything for me begins with a concept or title. I need that clarity and structure, there is nothing more satisfying than having an out-of-the box concept. My concepts are usually birthed from my real life experiences, imagination, or even viewing real life through an imaginative lens. From there I start word vomiting everything I possibly can about this said topic into a Doc. I then record and create any melody or production ideas into Logic to start carving out the mood for the song. After that I bring that idea into a session and we flesh the song out together! I like going into each session with a plan and knowing what I want to say- I think it makes everyone's job a little easier and is a set up for a stronger outcome.

9. "Flavor of the Month" was the first song of yours to be on the radio, correct? Your reaction to listening to it was precious and so was your sister's! Did you preview the song to your family before the release and what was their reaction like?

Yes! ‘Flavor’ was the first song to play on the radio! That was one of the best moments of my life. The first time I heard it playing I immediately felt the memories of all the years, hours of work, tears, and passion I put into my career to get to that point. It was extremely validating and encouraging, I’m so glad I didn’t give up! And yes, I did show my family the song before it was released. They are very, very supportive of my career and also get all of the demos. They are my other A&Rs, haha! Upon first listen they thought this song was super funny and they knew people were going to resonate with it.

10. Lastly, do you have any plans for releasing music later in the year? Is there anything you could tell us about possible collaborations or releases?"

I can’t say much at the moment, but we have a lot of big future plans. I am very excited to show the world, my world! It’s going to be larger than life. For now stay tuned on social media as I will be teasing new music very soon!

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