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HANGOUT FEST 2023: Jessie Murph

Photos by: Stephanie Siau
Interviews by: Abigail Virginia

We’ve got Jessie Murph with us!

Jessie: Hello!

Can we get a little snoot moment? I’ve never seen these, so were they custom for you?

Jessie: These are custom for me, but there’s a dude that all he does is make snoots.

I freaking love that!

Jessie: It’s fire, it’d be a cool career I think.

I was gonna say I’ve seen a video on TikTok of you bringing these to the gym. Do you work out in the snoots?

Jessie: If I don’t have shoes with me and I go on tour and just bring these, they work. They are tennis shoes

You would’ve graduated high school a couple of weeks ago and you’re traveling the world, so what is that like for you? What is it like seeing your peers graduate and then seeing where you are now? How is that affecting you?

Jessie: It’s bittersweet. When they graduated, I remember just being like "Damn." I just feel kind of old you know. But I’m also so grateful to be doing what I’m doing, it’s such a beautiful thing but it is bittersweet. And not being able to do that with them is weird. But yeah, it has its up and downs I think.

I can’t even imagine that I’m sure it does age you in a way, in a good way though!

Jessie: Yeah 100% it does.

But you’ve seen a lot at 18 right?

Jessie: Yeah definitely.

From your songs, I love how vulnerable you are and that’s another reason why people love you the industry has been shocked cause you’re saying things that you don’t think an 18-year-old would say but that’s why you have an amazing fanbase cause they’re connecting with that and somebody’s actually speaking about things that they have also gone through and you have. So thank you for doing that because it can be really hard.

Jessie: Well thank you!

I can see you on stage getting emotional. Even though you are so brave to release these songs and write really what you feel, is that hard sometimes to perform those songs ?

Jessie: 100%. It’s especially hard when my families there because I don’t want them to see me like that and yeah I think it’s harder to be vulnerable for the people you deeply care about, that you are close to and know so well, so that’s when it feels not great to perform them.

On the positive side, “Nothing Else Matters” is on 'Fast and Furious'.

Jessie: Crazy dude.

You sound so great in that song!

Jessie: Thank you! It was a bitch to record. It’s so out of my range and high. We had to recut it like 9 times.

Hey, but we got it.

Jessie: Yes but we got it!

So, how did that opportunity come? Did they come to you saying you’d be the perfect voice on it or did it just kinda fall in your lap? How did that come about?

Jessie: I think it was something like that. It had to do with people talking. I don’t know. For a while, I didn’t think it was gonna work because we had to keep recutting it. But yeah, it worked out! It’s sick!

You also sang “Cowboys and Angels” for the first time today.

Jessie: Yeah I did!

It’s almost kinda leaning towards country a little bit, it’s trailering that line. So is that something you’ll probably lean more toward your next releases?

Jessie: 100%. There’s so much I just wanna tell everybody cause I have so much planned stuff about that genre. But yeah, it’s always gonna have a little rap. I guess I’m never gonna be full country but I’m more into that. It comes from where I’m from obviously.

Well, thank you so much for doing this interview.

Jessie: Thanks for having me!

I can’t wait to watch your career, you are gonna go far.

Jessie: Thank you it means a lot.



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