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HANGOUT FEST 2023: Priscilla Block

Photos by: Stephanie Siau
Interviews by: Abigail Virginia

Welcome to the block party!

Priscilla: We are here and ready to party!

I love that about you, and I think your music speaks that. What a perfect artist to have here at the Hangout Festival!

Priscilla: We are excited to be here! It’s my first ever hangout fest!

So you’ve never attended the festival?

Priscilla: Well, we went last night and saw SZA and that was crazy, and today we are doing the whole thing!

What song are you excited about singing at the Hangout Fest?

Priscilla: I’m excited to do “Off the Deep End. "It’s a fun summer, beachy song, and I feel like it’s one of the ones a lot of people that don’t listen to the country are like, “Wait we love this song!"

I love your song “Thick Thighs!"

Priscolla: Thank you! Everyone’s out in their best fits this weekend, and I’m like “Yes girl you better rock it.”

I know a lot of people know you for that song, and “Just About Over You," but I want to go back. I saw in an article you ran into Taylor Swift when you were younger, and it inspired you to keep going. I want you to tell us a little bit about that story.

Priscolla: So I moved out straight out of high school. I was 18 and I spent about a year out there losing my mind, and I was working. I had this dream of doing music, but I had no clue what I was doing. I kinda had this moment where I’m like, “Do I go back home and pack up or just regroup and figure this thing out”. So that day, I was leaving work and I used to work at this yogurt shop. Taylor Swift was driving by, and I happened to be wearing a Taylor Swift t-shirt. While walking to my car she saw me and pulled her car over and was like “Oh my gosh I love your shirt so much.” I just looked at her and said, “ Thank you so much I needed this”. I didn’t even tell her I did music. It was that moment that I’m like, “I’m quitting my job, I’m quitting school, and I’m gonna go figure out how to do this." People ask me if that story is real and it is.

Right? Who can make that up?

Priscilla: No it’s nuts, and that was 8 years ago. It’s been a journey and I guess hats off to Taylor Swift!

It’s crazy because people see you on the come-up right now and here at the festival, but 8 years ago you were like “What am I even doing, and should I quit." So I think it’s an inspiring story for people to know, don’t quit!

Priscilla: I think also, with social media, a lot of people think I was this girl that kind of just blew up overnight cause of TikTok and everything. I’ve been doing this for 9 years, just hoping for any opportunity and anyone to take a chance on me.

Going back to “Just About Over You.” Did you even know that was gonna blow up?

Priscilla: No. I had no idea. I wrote it over FaceTime with two of my girlfriends. I was just going to post it on TikTok and see. I’d been posting my music and people were like, “Oh this is awesome," whatever. I posted it the day after I wrote it and then it became this viral storm on TikTok and it wasn’t even recorded. I had just moved out of my apartment. I couldn’t afford rent, I couldn’t go record the song. There was a girl actually out in California. Hr name was Samantha and she started a crowdfunding campaign for that song that said “Let’s help Priscilla record this song,” and it was cool. The fans made this happen for me and I say that because I would not be here right now without those people and truly investing in my career since day one.

Or the crazy exes?

Priscilla: Or the sad drunk nights!

Is he still hitting you up or trying?

Priscilla: Oh gosh, there’s a lot to the whole story. We might need to go get drinks and then we can talk more about that story.

There’s a lot to unpack there!

Priscilla: We might need to write a couple more songs.

Well thank you for having us and to end the interview can you tell us what you have coming next or some sneak peeks?

Priscilla: We are working on new music. I am going on the road with Shania Twain and that’s crazy cause I’m such a Shania fan. So just put playing shows, working on new music and doing the damn thing!



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