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Highway: His Influences, Recent EP "Livin Like That" & Goals for 2023

Interview by: Orchee Sorker | January 6, 2023 | Photos by: Cyris Filoteo @cyrisjohne

Hi, introduce yourself. Tell us who you are and what you do.

My name is Highway. I'm a Seattle based artist. I pretty much make music. I'm a producer as well. Music was something I grew up very close to. My parents brought me close to music.

Your recent released EP "Livin Like That" dropped in November. What was the creative process behind making the EP?

It was the time for me to express a different side of myself musically. It was based on new styles of rap that I've developed into or practiced over time..and showcasing that.

What song off the EP would you recommend to someone who is listening to the EP for the first time?

A good song for someone to hear would be the first track on the EP. It's a song where I came from before music and just kind of get a little personal. Musically, it is a more upbeat tone. It's easy to listen to, but it's also a good way to get to know me as a person and as an artist.

I believe personally that my music is unique. There are similarities between me and a lot of artists today, I'm very much set apart from a lot of artists stylistically just as much as I am similar. I believe that we all kind of fit in in different ways, but I would say stylistically I'm very unique.

Who are some artists that you're influenced by or inspired by?

My biggest influences I would say is like Young Thug and people who came up under his umbrella for the most part. They've been very influential to me...the era of 2016 kind of new SoundCloud artists were very influential to me as well. Around the time that I started getting serious about recording music and making music and being an artist.

Do you write lyrics first and then beat like later?

I go in just with nothing...with no plan, no idea. Whatever it is, I may feel and try and express that through the music and beat. If I'm not making the beat, I'll just go off of whatever I have and then come up with the lyrics as I record.

What are you looking to explore in the new coming gear and do you have any projects or goals for 2023?

I do have a project coming, It's called "Monochrome". I wanna kinda establish a fan base that is pretty much my family. We're all together as one, as a group. Just having togetherness for me and my fans.

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