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Julia Bhatt: Musical Inspirations, Airy folk-pop Single "On My Shoulder" & New Upcoming Music

Interview by: Jewel Fiorillo | Photos by: Shervin Lainez | May 31, 2022

Julia Bhatt talks with HAZZE MEDIA about her musical inspirations, recent single "On My Shoulder" and new upcoming music.

I read in the article sent to me via email some of your music influences from when you were younger were by your parents and older sister...What really drove you to becoming an artist with the style you have?

J: It’s all them. Growing up and being influenced by different people gave me different views of music. All those different genres add up to whatever I am now. I truly don’t even know what to call my own music. I think that’s pretty special, though.

Has your style ever changed as you evolved as a musician and how/why not?

J: Of course! I went from writing songs just to write them to venting feelings into music. It’s pretty cool. I used to just write about stuff that other people wrote about and common themes in lyrics. Now I've become more comfortable in my style.

How did you learn to write music/play instruments?

J: Mostly by learning simple songs on the guitar. I love singing other people’s music and the guitar was a way to do that. That’s why I’m not so great at picking or anything. I learned how to play just enough to start writing and get by!

Do you have any large inspirations when you are writing your music/songs?

J: Depends on the song. A lot of the time, once I establish a song, I go through my music and make a playlist of references for my producer. There's so much cool shit out in the world, you can’t not be influenced by it!

When did writing and creating music become a priority in your life or what made you choose this career?

J: I’ll be honest, I’m still unsure of this career. It’s hard to make singing and songwriting into an actual career that can support a person's life. Right now, I have a bunch of people who are motivating me to continue to sing and write, no matter what comes of it. Sometimes it gets hard, but I just have to

remember that it’s fun for me. Maybe not all the promoting and stuff, but singing is fun and therapeutic for me. I’ll keep doing it until it no longer is.

What has been your biggest challenge in the music industry this far in your career?

J: Promoting and watching numbers. It’s hard when you’re already doubtful of your work. There’s so much shit that gets put into the world on a daily basis, so getting attention/listeners is a little difficult. It tends to get me in my head a lot.

Do you have any goals for the rest of this year?

J: Just taking it day by day! I want to get more confident in myself and my music, if I were to pick a specific goal. Not sure how I’ll accomplish it but I’ll try.

Plans on performing at any concerts or festivals?

J: I have a festival in June called Wet Mango Fest. Very excited!!!! It’s my first festival so I hope it goes well.

I loved "On My Shoulder" as I was able to view to get a better idea of your music. What inspired your newest album It Is What It is planned to release in July. Aside from your musical career, what are other activities/hobbies you enjoy?

J: Just making music! We finally had enough to put into an album. We were always going for an album once we had enough music. Other than singing and such, I’ve been getting back into cooking/baking, so that’s been fun. I’m a pretty chill person, and a lot of my free time goes into napping.

Is there a message you want to send out to your following through your music?

J: Thanks for following me! It means more than you know.


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