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JXDN- SOBER, a New Era of the Rockstar

by Holly Arend

Born in Dallas as Jaden Hossler, jxdn (pronounced jay-den) initially gained prominence on TikTok, parlaying his massive following into a breakout music career. In January 2020, he independently released “Comatose”, which landed on more than 40 global charts. His explosive success quickly garnered the attention of Travis Barker, who signed him as the first artist on his imprint, DTA Records, a worldwide joint venture with Elektra Music Group. Jxdn has gone on to tour with Machine Gun Kelly and release his debut album Tell Me About Tomorrow. Since then Jxdn had amassed fame, praise, and a loyal fan base. Today he released Sober a new single to his upcoming era and album. I've had the pleasure to sit down with him and talk about the song and process.

1. You just released a new single, “Sober,” – what is the backstory behind the song?

Travis accidentally double booked me and Mike Posner for a session. I had gone in with a melody I could not get out of my head. Mike’s energy gave me such inspiration to take the music in a different direction. We had fun in the session, and it shows. This song is for everyone to let loose a little bit, and get ready for a whole new era for myself. This is the first of a bunch of different sounds I am working on.

2. What did the creative process look like for this single?

I had the absolute blessing of Joe Perez joining my team as creative director. He took this upcoming single and my project as a whole to a entire different level. I’d much rather just tell you to watch how this rolls out. I’ve never been more excited!

3. What do you want fans to take away from “Sober”?

Music is music. Sometimes you just need to let go and sing a song. I wanted to create something EVERYONE could enjoy, no matter who or where.

4. If you had to describe “Sober” to someone who has never heard your music before, how would you describe it?

Completely different from me before, but completely accurate to who I am now. I am still so early in my career and I never want to sit inside a box. I’m just glad I have a label that believes in ME not just the songs I make. But this one is for the books.

5. You recently got off your solo headlining TELL ME ABOUT TOMORROW tour – what was one of the best memories you made on tour?

Seeing how my music changes people’s lives is something I’ll never understand, but never let go of. Music saved me personally in such a fantastic way and all I ever wanted was to do the same for others. It’s unreal. I will never stop. I can’t.

Photo by Jenna Marsh

6. You’ve gone from opening for major artists like Machine Gun Kelly to being on lists like Variety’s Power of Young Hollywood and Billboard’s 21 Under 21. Can you describe your journey in music so far and your goals?

Grateful. And grateful again. People don’t know how much the work, pain, heartache, joy and inspiration mean to me. I love people so much because I always felt so unloved. Music is the only answer. I want the world to know me, so the world knows I know them. I don’t want to be like anyone else. I believe in things I don’t think anyone has. I want to go to the very top so I can reach my hand down and bring everyone up with me. Love is the answer and the world needs love. That’s my goal.

7. Speaking about fans – how has it been interacting with them on tour and live shows you’ve done so far, both intimate and bigger ones like festivals?

I think my fans see something in themselves after joining into my journey. Everything I do is for them. What I wear, how I talk, what I sing is all for them. I feel like they know that – or at least I hope they do. Imagine a song that didn’t have a heart to call home. They are the reason I am what I am. I can’t wait to see how many people we can get on this train; there’s room for all.

8. What is this next era of jxdn bringing to fans?

Hope. Whatever hope means for you. I am going to every corner of sounds and every road of melodies so no human is left behind. All will be heard. I think life is gonna change, and not just mine. And I want to have so much fun it pisses people off.

9. Is there anything you can tell us about the upcoming album that you’re working on?

I am making the best music I have ever made. Never heard MYSELF like this. Something has changed in me. I’m fearless. And I’m so grateful. This album is gonna change everything for me :)

Thank you Jxdn for the amazing interview and go check out SOBER now!


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