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The Lane Brothers: Retro-pop BOPs

March 1, 2024

The Lane Brothers are a rising sibling duo that has earned praise from Shawn Mendes, Boyz II Men, Meghan Trainor, Teddy Swims and many more for its youthful, retro-infused music that took off on TikTok last year. These pop-filled sounds are on full display on the duo’s new self-titled EP, out 2.23 via Big Yellow Dog Music.

The entire EP was written by the Lane Brothers — Grayson and Garrett Lane, and my top recommendation is “Let It Ride.”  These songs are full of clever, cheeky pop culture references like Buc-ee’s-bought outfits on “Drip,” Bentley drives on “Let It Ride” and Miami tans on “Baddie.” The youthful energy beautifully compliments that maturity of the duo’s sonics which fuse Southern R&B with west coast bedroom pop and more creative blends. On the EP’s ballads “NOLA” and “To Be Yours,” the Lane Brothers show off a more intimate side of their songwriting that draw elements from a variety of artists ranging Russ to Harry Styles. 


1. “Drip” (Grayson Lane, Garrett Lane, Connor Thuotte, Autumn Buysse)

Produced by Connor Thuotte

2. “Let It Ride” (Grayson Lane, Garrett Lane, Austin Bianco)

Produced by Austin Bianco

3. “Infinite Love” (Grayson Lane, Garrett Lane, Justin Johnson, Tyler Dial

Produced by Fustin Fohnson

4. “NOLA” (Grayson Lane, Garrett Lane, Thomas Salter, Autumn Buysse)

Produced by Tawgs

5. “To Be Yours” (Grayson Lane, Garrett Lane, Nathan Chapman)

Produced by Grayson Lane

6. “Baddie” (Grayson Lane, Garrett Lane, Autumn Buysse, Justin Johnson)

Produced by Fustin Fohnson and Connor Thuotte


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