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William Ryan Key on his new third EP, 'Everything Except Desire'

Ezzah Rafique

Q: "Hi! How have you been so far into the year? Tell us about yourself!"

This year is off to an amazing start. I am currently renovating a new house that is a mile and a half from the ocean, and I have loads of cool music projects coming up this year.

Q: "Your third EP, 'Everything Except Desire', releases February 11th. What was the creative process like when starting to writing the album to putting it together?"

I wrote and recorded 4 of the 5 songs in the summer of 2020. The pandemic was at its height, and the future seemed so uncertain. I did everything I could ti use that time for good. I worked on myself to improve my mental health and fitness, and I spent a lot of hours in the studio creating. I didn’t really have a plan to release anything so I was really just writing to write. I felt free to try a lot of new things and that is how the EP came to be. Q: "Are there any artists or songs that inspired the 'Everything Except Desire' or was it primarily based on writing sessions / personal experiences?"

I have been listening to, as well as recording a lot of ambient and electronic music for a long time. This is the first release where I am really sharing those influences with fans. Artists like Olafur Arnalds, Jon Hopkins, Bonobo, Christian Löffler, and others have been a big inspiration for me. Q: "You experiment with various sounds throughout this EP, was the goal of the EP always to dive into different genres ?"

I was definitely ready to make this record whether I knew it or not. I tend to just sit down and create without too much of a plan for how the songs will turn out. I enjoy being in the studio and finding new sounds and techniques as the songs evolve. The EP is a very accurate depiction of where I am as an artist. Q: "Between all of the songs on the EP, do you have one that you enjoyed creating more or have a stronger connection to? Why or why not?"

My favorite song on the EP is ‘Union Chapel’. I love the words I found, and the string section in the instrumental section is one of my favorite things I’ve ever written and recorded. Q: "To someone who hasn't heard your music before, what do you hope they take away from it? What atmosphere are you trying to create with your music?"

I hope that the EP can open people’s ears to a new genre. WIth most listeners being used to what I did with my time in Yellowcard, the EP might inspire them to seek out more ambient and electronic music.

Q: "Lastly, what's one thing you've learned along your journey as an artist?" Thank you again for answering our questions! Have a great day!"

I have learned to use my mistakes as lessons, and not hold on to them as regrets. I am always trying to be a better person and in turn a better writer and producer.


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